Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Don't Get It

A few Voice Over things I just don't get:

1. VO coaches: Reading countless Coaching ads, Facebook posts, etc. why don't they taut successes? I'm not referring to accounts/spots they've personally done. I'd like to see them say "I've worked with Joe/Jane Blow, who's now doing this and this". 

2. Websites: Sure, it's important to have a presence. But, I really think a website is basically the 21st Century demo CD; a place prospective clients can hear your work. A website needs be simple and to the point; demos and contact info should be easy to find. Clients are hiring a voice, not a web designer. And let's be real - how many talents can honestly say "A company looking for a voice did a Google search, found me and now $$".

3. No Brag, Just Fact: It's truly wonderful you were booked for a project. It can be great PR. But why post/tweet something like - "Working on an awesome project, but I can't say anything because of an NDA." Is a potential client going to think "He must be good. Plus, he can keep a secret. Let's hire him."? If you're going to promote something, make it the end result...a link to the completed project.

Off the soapbox...back to the Mic.

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