Saturday, July 27, 2013

Make a Video Demo

Recently I read about how video was making more of an impact in voice over.
So, obviously being behind the times, I thought about making a video with my demo as the soundtrack.

I say "behind the times" because after my project was completed, I found a ton of voice over pros had already done the same thing. So much for being "cutting edge".

I use Windows, so I chose to use the free Windows Movie Maker. It has a great deal of effects, relatively easy learning curve and makes it easy to upload to YouTube. I chose YouTube as my "host" primarily because, as best as I could determine, its playable on any browser.

I completed my video (with a lot of trial and error) and uploaded it to YouTube. A few minutes later YouTube sent me an email telling me my video was ready. You'll see a "share" button and a lot of options. Since I wanted to put it on my website, I selected "embed" and up popped the HTML code. You can (as I did) change the size of the video to fit the space you have allotted on your site.

In my opinion the video, if it's not overloaded with too many effects (making it too busy), can "hold" the listener/viewer longer as their mind is occupied with both sound and sight.

Under my video, I still have an html5 audio player for those who might want to use it. Also there is a link to allow the potential customer to download the demo mp3. I think this is very important as I can't think of a potential client wanting to download a video.

I honestly think a "video demo" is a great way to make your demo "come alive" for potential clients. You can do it for free, host it for free (via YouTube) and add that little extra that might capture a new client.